1. Bifunctional TentaGel® Resins

    Encode beads with unique tags for combinatorial syntheses & screening. Build libraries & identify hits. Discover properties and applications of our novel bifunctional TentaGel® resins.

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  2. Boc versus Fmoc for Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis

    Wondering about the difference between Boc and Fmoc chemistry in solid phase peptide synthesis? Don't worry: in this short overview we will guide you through the basics of both strategies.

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  3. Linkerology® for Targeted Delivery and Release

    Use the possibilities of Linkerology® to boost the efficacy of your drug! We illustrate how the drug Gepirone (ExxuaTM), a medication to treat major depressive disorders, can be conjugated.

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  4. Norbornenes – Will You Click Me?

    Proposing norbornenes – strained, bicyclic alkenes for fast, copper-free, biocompatible click-conjugation with tetrazines. Read on for more details on applications and available products!

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  5. Workshop: All FluorINE – About SCF3 and other Fluorinated Amino Acids

    60-minute online workshop on June 19th ft. Prof. Thierry Brigaud. 

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  6. PotM: About the Impact of Fluorinated Building Blocks

    Clever Move - Add positive effects to your molecule by introducing the most electronegative element. Discover fluorinated building blocks as game changer for your lead development. 

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  7. Carboxymethyl Amino Acid Derivatives

    Level up! Carboxymethyl-modified amino acid building blocks suitable for incorporation by solid-phase peptide synthesis. Learn more about available derivatives and their properties.

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  8. “Power On” – Activity Control by Photocaging

    Discover photocages – photosensitive protecting groups that are removed by irradiation with light of a defined wavelength, thus restoring the original, “active” state.

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