Click Chemistry

  1. Norbornenes – Will You Click Me?

    Proposing norbornenes – strained, bicyclic alkenes for fast, copper-free, biocompatible click-conjugation with tetrazines. Read on for more details on applications and available products!

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  2. Automated Peptide Synthesis

    The discovery of the Merrifield peptide synthesis paved the way for automated solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) enabling fast and convenient simultaneous peptide synthesis.

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  3. PotM: Multiconjugates via Simultaneous Double-Click Reaction

    Discover our new building block 4-(azido-propyl-tetrazine)phenylalanine (pTAF) and make use of the orthogonality of the 2nd and 3rd generation Click reaction to build multiconjugates via double-Click.

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  4. Cell-Free Bioengineering & Linkerology®

    Bioengineering in combination with Linkerology®. Check out the unique options for membrane proteins, recombinant immunotoxins (RITs) and novel antibody-drug conjugates.

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  5. CliCr® - a Reactive and Soluble Bioorthogonal Click Reagent

    Building blocks with a strained triple bond do not require copper catalysis when used in click chemistry. Discover CliCr®: improved solubility in aqueous conditions and high reactivity! Click here!

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  6. PotM: Perfluorobiphenyl Building Blocks for Site-Selective Cysteine Conjugation

    Herein, we present functionalized perfluorobiphenyl building blocks which can be used for site-selective π-clamp mediated cysteine conjugation. Read on for more details about this general method!

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  7. PotM: CliCr® - an innovative click reagent

    Herein, we present CliCr® as an innovative cyclic alkyne for metal-free strain-promoted click chemistry. Read our blog for detailed information about CliCr® reagents based on TMTHSI and check out available derivatives!

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  8. Everything for Nobel Chemistry

    The 2022 Chemistry Nobel prize is awarded to B. Sharpless, M. Meldal and C. Bertozzi for their work in the field of Click Chemistry. At Iris, we are providing clickable building blocks for nobel chemistry. Read on for more information!

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  9. PotM: A Lysine Multitool Building Block

    The para-azido benzyloxycarbonyl protected lysine building block Fmoc-L-Lys(4-N3-Z)-OH (FAA8830) is useful for a wide range of applications. Read on to find out more!

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  10. Fatty Acid Building Blocks

    We are providing variously functionalized, protected and unprotected fatty acid derivatives suitable for SPPS and further conjugation, e.g. via Click chemistry. Read on to discover our portfolio.

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