Custom Synthesis

  1. Process Development – From Discovery to Scale-up

    Ongoing research efforts lead to the discovery of innovative building blocks and new APIs. However, for industrial applications, upscaling is required. Herein, we share the process development for Fmoc-Cys(Msbh)-OH.

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  2. Linker Technologies for Sophisticated Bioconjugations

    Linkers serve as versatile tools, e.g. during SPPS or for the sophisticated (self-immolative) conjugation of a potent small molecule to a carrier. Check out our selection of over 100 readily available linkers.

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  3. Process Development of SPPS

    From mg synthesis of a peptide up to bulk quantities often makes a huge difference in the route of production. Read on for more information about Iris Biotech’s process development services.

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  4. Impurities: Undesired, Unavoidable, Indispensable

    No matter how much you hate them, in the pharmaceutical world you have to deal with them: Impurities. Iris Biotech can provide you with the molecules you require. Click here for more detailed information.

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  5. Custom Synthesis Services at Iris Biotech

    Iris Biotech is your trusted partner in the world of peptides and all related disciplines. Your project requires a compound not listed in our portfolio? Get in contact and inquire for a custom synthesis!

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  6. Proline Scaffold

    One role of proline in proteins is that a β-turn of a peptide chain is being induced at its position. Two major conformations, cis or trans, of the corresponding amid bond will induce that the protein folds in a specific way.

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  7. Standard approaches

    Diethyl-acetamidomalonate Route: The probably most widely used first approach to unnatural amino acids goes via alkylation of diethyl acetamidomalonate.

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  8. Specific platforms

    Asymmetric Phase-Transfer Reaction Phase-transfer alkylations e.g. with the chiral Maruoka catalyst result in unique α-mono substituted and α,α-disubstituted unnatural amino acids.

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  9. Homologization of natural amino acids

    Several platforms are available to display the whole assortment of homo-amino acids, as well as the higher homologues β2-, β3-, their double substituted derivatives β2,2,2-, β3,3-, and corresponding γ-amino acids.

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  10. α-Methyl and β,β-dimethyl amino acids

    α-Methyl and alkyl-amino acids can be produced by a number of platforms, where the (2S,4S)-4-methyl-2-phenyloxazolidin-5-one scaffold is one of the most popular one.

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