1. Process Development of SPPS

    From mg synthesis of a peptide up to bulk quantities often makes a huge difference in the route of production. Read on for more information about Iris Biotech’s process development services.

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  2. Peptide Easy Clean – Because Time Matters

    We want to support you in the development of next generation peptide pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, and diagnostics by easing the process of peptide manufacturing. Read on to gather more information.

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  3. Peptide Easy Clean (PEC): now distributed in India

    Now in India available: the Belyntic Kits Peptide Easy Clean (PEC)

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  4. PotM: Peptide Easy Clean (PEC)

    Peptide purification after SPPS usually requires time- and solvent-consuming HPLC, which is often limited by co-eluting side-products. Belyntic’s catch-and-release PEC-Linker chemoselectively catches the desired product from your crude to reach a new dimension of purity.

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  5. Omniligase-1 for Efficient Peptide Ligation

    Omniligase-1 enables efficient and racemization-free ligation of two side-chain unprotected peptide fragments at many different positions. Test this innovative enzyme developed by EnzyPep B.V. using the complementary model peptides included in our kit!

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  6. New Iris Kits for the Synthesis of Peptoids and N-Alkylated Peptides

    Peptides as pharmaceutical compounds suffer from unfavorable pharmacokinetics which is, among other things, due to a slow uptake into cells and rapid proteolytic cleavage. N-Alkylation of peptides is a valuable tool to overcome these limitations. We now offer new kits that enable the facile preparation of peptoids and N-alkylated peptides.

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