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  1. Norbornenes – Will You Click Me?

    Proposing norbornenes – strained, bicyclic alkenes for fast, copper-free, biocompatible click-conjugation with tetrazines. Read on for more details on applications and available products!

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  2. Carboxymethyl Amino Acid Derivatives

    Level up! Carboxymethyl-modified amino acid building blocks suitable for incorporation by solid-phase peptide synthesis. Learn more about available derivatives and their properties.

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  3. “Power On” – Activity Control by Photocaging

    Discover photocages – photosensitive protecting groups that are removed by irradiation with light of a defined wavelength, thus restoring the original, “active” state.

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  4. 2-Cyanopyridines for Click-Like Reactions

    Have an additional ace up your sleeve for selective and efficient peptide modification, cyclization, and/or bioconjugation. Explore 2-cyanopyridines for click-like reactions. Get more information!

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  5. Aminothiols for Versatile Side-Chain Modification

    Beyond cysteines: Unlock targeted side-chain modifications of your peptides and proteins via the introduction of 1,2-aminothiols and subsequent click-like functionalization. 

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  6. Phenylboronate Amino Acid Building Blocks

    Boron is not boring at all! Today, we'll delve deeper into the exciting world of boronate-containing amino acid building blocks and unlock the potential of the next generation of peptides. Read on!

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  7. Phenylisopropylester (OPP) as Carboxy Protecting Group

    Explore phenylisopropylesters (OPP/OPis) as carboxy protecting groups. Facilitate your peptide synthesis with building blocks for precise side chain modifications or seamless macrolactamizations. 

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  8. A Tetrazole-Substituted Lysine as PTM Isostere

    The tetrazole isostere of malonyllysine is thermally stable and does not suffer from decarboxylation. Discover our building blocks suitable for incorporation via solid-phase peptide synthesis.

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  9. Glycosylated Asparagine Building Blocks for SPPS

    Add glycans to your proteins with our ready-to-use Fmoc asparagine building blocks suitable for solid phase peptide synthesis and produce peptides with exactly defined glycosylation patterns!

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  10. Peptide Nucleic Acids as Stable DNA and RNA Analogs

    One molecule, two identities: PNAs are composed of nucleobases arranged on a peptidic backbone. Discover our PNA building blocks as ready-to-use bases suitable for SPPS.

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