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  1. PotM: About the Impact of Fluorinated Building Blocks

    Clever Move - Add positive effects to your molecule by introducing the most electronegative element. Discover fluorinated building blocks as game changer for your lead development. 

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  2. PotM: Oligomeric Sarcosine Building Blocks

    You are looking for monodisperse Sarcosines? You want to use Sarcosine for SPPS? You need to improve your drug's hydrophilicity and search for PEG alternatives? Read on!

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  3. PotM: Aminoprolines - Controlling the Folding

    You are looking for a building block suitable to control the folding characteristics of your peptide or want to add a pH-sensitive conformational switch? Discover aminoprolines and their properties!

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  4. PotM: Blockbuster Building Blocks

    Are you keen on developing novel billion-dollar-selling peptide API blockbusters? Most recent ones use lipophilic Albumin binding moieties. Of course, Iris Biotech has the necessary building blocks!

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  5. PotM: SCF3 in One

    Increase your peptide’s stability, introduce an NMR label for analysis, or enhance lipophilicity. Read our blog to discover our latest toolbox additions in the field of non-canonical amino acids.

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  6. PotM: Small-sized, neutral fluorogenic amino acids suitable for SPPS

    Discover our small-sized, neutral Fmoc-protected nitrobenzoselenadiazole- and nitrobenzothiadiazole-modified amino acids suitable for SPPS of fluorescent peptides. 

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  7. PotM: Next Generation Lysine Side Chain Protecting Groups

    Sick of Lysine side chain protecting groups jumping around, yielding scrambled peptides? Check our various options to fine-tune protecting group stability vs. cleavability to optimize your peptide yield.

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  8. PotM: Multiconjugates via Simultaneous Double-Click Reaction

    Discover our new building block 4-(azido-propyl-tetrazine)phenylalanine (pTAF) and make use of the orthogonality of the 2nd and 3rd generation Click reaction to build multiconjugates via double-Click.

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  9. PotM: TCEP as Versatile Reducing Agent

    TCEP is an effective reductant for disulfide bonds and a versatile reagent for various applications in protein science with distinct advantages compared to DTT and BME.

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  10. PotM: Safety Catch - Orthogonally Protected Amino Acids

    Add a new dimension of orthogonality to your peptide synthesis by using Safety-Catch arylalkyl sulfoxide protecting groups! This newsletter tells you about benefits and usage – Read on!

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