Chemical name: (R)-Trifluoromethylalanine

  • Product code:HAA1920
  • CAS No.:102210-02-6
  • Formula:C4H6F3NO2
  • Molecular weight:157.09 g/mol

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Building block which can be used for the direct implementation of a trifluoromethylated amino acid (Tfm-Aaa) at the N-terminus of a peptide. The trifluoromethyl group reduces the nucleophilicity of the amino function to a level that no further protection (e.g. by Boc, Fmoc or Z) is necessary.

For the introduction of this Tfm amino acid within the sequence the design of a dipeptide building block is required (Fmoc-Aaa-Tfm-Aaa), which can then be incorporated in a peptide sequence by standard SPPS methodologies. Please consult with our custom synthesis division.


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