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your project might require either

  • a de novo route development,
  • the synthesis of certain derivatives not listed in our catalogue,
  • an optimization or re-design of an existing synthetic route for increased efficiency,
  • or the upscaling towards larger scale production.


For those cases, our experienced scientists are excited to accept your synthetic challenge! Therefore, your request undergoes certain stages:

  • detailed step-by-step analysis of chemical structure, stereochemical needs, purity requirements, scale
  • process evaluation including detailed literature review to collect and proof various synthetic possibilities
  • synthetic routes adapted to the synthetic scale are developed and tested (= strategy development) to find the most suitable approach for your custom synthesis
  • quality consistency – detailed product analysis for identity and purity confirmation, e.g. by NMR, MS, HPLC, melting point, appearance, residual solvent and water content, elemental analysis


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Our services are based on High Quality, Transparency & Documentation, Trust, Honesty & Confidentiality, as well as the required Know-How. All necessary data will be supplied to you and all projects are handled under strict confidentiality and information security regulations.

To be able to provide you the highest quality products fulfilling your demands we are cooperating with around 35 selected contract manufacturers and leading universities worldwide. All our manufacturing partners go through an intensive and detailed supplier qualification program including analysis of raw materials, costs and terms, on time delivery, regular audits, and performance tracking to guarantee quality consistency.

Relying on those principles Iris Biotech is your trusted partner for success!


Whereas Iris Biotech is located in Marktredwitz, our laboratories are located in the Business and Industry Park Willstätt (

In those laboratories, we have all capabilities to bring your order to fast and efficient completion using state-of-the-art reactors and analytical equipment for process control and the careful characterization of intermediates and end products.
There are types of reactions we carry out routinely like chiral synthesis, enzymatic and other types of optical resolution, as well as hydrogenations under high pressure. We have specific know-how to work with amphiphilic and hydrophilic compounds, which might be difficult to synthesize and purify.



Unnatural Amino Acids

One of our major focus is on the custom synthesis of unnatural amino acids, e.g. unusual α-amino acids via the acetamido malonate route yielding both stereoisomers in comparable quantities. If one enantiomer is preferred, the so-called Strecker synthesis is beneficial.

Amino acids with increased enzymatic and chemical stability include Cα- methyl and alkyl amino acids which can be produced via oxazolidine-5-one and β2-amino acids via oxazolidine-2-one as well as β,β-dimethylated amino acids and Cα-substituted amino acids obtained by asymmetric phase transfer reactions. Homologization of natural amino acids results e.g. in homo-β2, homo-β3 and γ-amino acids providing high structural diversity as well as superior biological activity.

Our repertoire also includes a wide range of fluorinated amino acids, e.g. α-trifluoromethyl amino acids, side-chain trifluoro methylated amino acids, as well as γ,γ-difluoro amino acids and various more.

Besides, we can offer various arginine analogues which provide increased resistance towards physiological digestion.

Substitutions around the proline scaffold allow to induce cis- and trans-amide bond conformation through steric and/or electronic effects.


Building Blocks for Nucleotides

If you are interested in specific building blocks for nucleotides based on uracil, adenine, cytosine and guanine please send us your inquiry! As the chemistry of those bases is very different, the chemistry behind certain modifications can be very challenging. In general modifications of the functional groups as well as the introduction of e.g. an azide or alkyne moiety are possible thus rendering the compounds available for click chemistry.



Another example for our custom synthesis possibilities are PEGs of different lengths with various functional groups as illustrated in the given scheme below.


Customized Linkers

Within our section Linkerology® we created a huge portfolio of differently functionalized linkers. Nevertheless, linker design often becomes a rather complex and specific project, as many parameters define its properties. To fully suit your needs and fulfill the requirements of your desired application, we provide the custom synthesis of your derivative of choice!

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